Why Be a member of JCI Kalamazoo?

There are many benefits to joining JCI Kalamazoo. Some are available through JCI Michigan, JCI USA or Junior Chamber International, but other benefits are discovered by participating in projects, volunteering or just trying something new!

Social Networking

Many people come to JCI Kalamazoo as a way to meet people. Whether they’ve just moved to an area or they’re looking to expand their personal or professional network, we offer many opportunities for social interaction throughout the year.

Community Service

While some groups pursue one goal or support one purpose, JCI Kalamazoo members choose to support both local and national organizations. We look to create lasting relationships on a local level, giving our members multiple chances to make a difference where they live.

Personal and Professional Development

Ever want to try something new, like sushi or traditional Irish cuisine? Interested in learning about business dinner etiquette? Want to have an adventure and travel around the state, country, or internationally? JCI Kalamazoo runs various projects throughout the year that encourage learning and new experiences. There are also opportunities through JCI Michigan, JCI USA, and JCI to travel and have new experiences.

Leadership Skills

If you ask JCI Michigan what we do, we’ll respond: We Build Leaders! For some people, this means holding a position on the Board of Directors for their local chapters. For others, it means serving on the State Board. But this also means that we help people become leaders in their own lives by creating opportunities for them to acquire valuable skills and experience.

JCI Kalamazoo Members, in their own words

Our members are our best ambassadors. Each individual had their own reasons for joining JCI Kalamazoo, and they all have a story to tell. We’ve collected just a few of these stories on our Testimonials page.