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2011 Board of Directors Nominations

The nominations for the 2011 Board of Directors are as follows. Please note: the following are people who have accepted their nominations as of November 12. If there are any additions/corrections, please e-mail Eric, Heather or Roger.

Jason Bocade

Membership VP
Heather Stewart

Management VP
Blair Lorimer

Community VP

International VP
Michelle Lorimer

Individual Development VP
Krista Ploski

Kevin Ploski


Roger Lamb
Chris Fucile
Katie Giambrone
Kent Hultstrand


Article Comments

Krista says:

Adam Knott respectfully declined his nomination.

Eric says:

Hi gang… I wanted to give everyone a heads-up that I am withdrawing from the board race for next year. Not an easy choice, and one that I have agonized about over the weekend.

Two reasons I’m declining:

1) We’re covered: as I look through the board nominations, it looks to be really solid. And to be honest, I miss chairing projects!

2) Job – I literally just had a client fall into my lap on Thursday that might end up in some multi-day travel over the next year. Nothing excessive, but I’m nervous that I won’t be around as much as board members need to be.

I will definitely be an active participant on any PR/promotion committees. And you KNOW I will have everyone’s back, even if I’m not an official member of the board.