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2012 Board of Directors Nominees

The time has come to elect our 2012 board of directors for the Kalamazoo Jaycees, happening at the November General Members Meeting. Listed below are the current nominations for the different areas.

Nominations will be re-opened at the GMM and anyone else who is nominated and accepts the nomination can be hand-written on the ballot. Otherwise, the only names on the ballots will be the ones listed below. Please contact Dara Bosker at redrra@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions.

Blair Lorimer
Kevin Ploski

Stephanie Teter

Community Vice-President:
Krista Ploski
Alaina Neff

Individual Vice-President:
Ashlie Miller
Shannon Whaley

Membership Vice-President:
Jamie Helsen
Michelle Lorimer

Management Vice-President:
Heather Stewart


Directors at Large:
Alaina Neff
John Hagen
Brian Walash
Rach Becker
Anna Versaile
Shannon Whaley


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