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4th Quarter Convention: Challenge Accepted!

Fifteen members of the Kalamazoo Jaycees trundled up to Dearborn this past weekend. It’s the biggest showing we’ve had at a convention in a while, and let’s just say: it’s a good thing we were there.

There is no doubt that this weekend brought the Kalamazoo Jaycees closer. Mostly due to the cozy set-up in the ballroom.

After trainings Saturday morning, where some people learned about body language and others learned how to work together as a team while stepping on papers, most of Kalamazoo ran out of the hotel.

Mostly because someone challenged someone else to a race and that first someone wasn’t going to let it slide. Challenge Accepted!

Dinner, for those who didn’t have full registration, was also a formal affair. The fancy clothes definitely made the pizza taste better.

All fifteen Kalamazoo Jaycees were nicely dressed and present for the Saturday night awards. There were several hugs, tons of high-fives and a couple group hugs. And one moment where one of the fifteen blurted out: HOLY SH*T!

Riding high on endorphins, Kalamazoo made their way to the Region G toast, where our 2010 Region G Director kindly pointed out that someone has some big shoes to fill. Figuratively, not literally.

Having toasted the Region’s success, Kalamazoo got ready for their pajama party. It was a Sure Thing that we were filled with Glee when we piled onto the bed for our group picture. Comfortable in our attire, we went to the after party. Was this the start of a new tradition? Just sayin.

A lot more happened. But you don’t get to know unless you go.


Article Comments

Katie Giambrone says:

Are you going to write a blog about the actual awards won at this convention? Some jaycees that aren’t able to attend convention as well as other nonjaycees would like to celebrate with the rest of the chapter the successes of 2010. Thanks :O)

Heather Stewart says:

I sure will! I was waiting until after things were announced at the GMM before posting anything here. It’ll be coming within the next couple of days.