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Adopt-A-Family Update!


We finally have our 2 families that we are adopting for the holiday season!

There are a total of 5 kids between the families and they are excited to see Santa.  Below I have put a list of items that the families are requesting.  I am going to be contacting the families after Thanksgiving to pick out a delivery night for them.  When I know that I will know when the gifts are needed.  All donations from chapter members are appreciated but please do not feel like you have to contribute if you are unable.

If you have any questions or would like to drop off your gift or have me pick it up, please contact me.  We will be having a shopping night as well as a wrapping party at a TBD date.  Watch the Kazooan and the blog for more info.

As you’re shopping, please let me know what gifts you purchase  so that I can mark them off the list and update what we have, that would be great.  You can e-mail me at ecrashe@gmail.com.  Thanks!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Please look at the BOTTOM of the list to see what membership has already purchased!]

Items for Both Families
Holiday Food Baskets
Items For Family # 1 (3 boys and 2 parents)
Boy (9 yrs.)
Action figures
Reading Books
Hot Wheels
Board Games
Pants size 10
Shirts size L or 9/10
Boy (7 years old)
Hot Wheels
Action Figures
Reading Books
Board Games
Pants size 6
Shirts M or 6/7
Boy (2 Months)
Light up toys
Anything baby
3-6 month clothes (pants long sleeve shirts etc.)
6-12 month clothes (more summer like clothes) Will be 6 months old in Feb.
For the parents
Gas gift cards
Food gift cards
Items for Family # 2 (2 girls and 1 parent)
Girl (6 yrs.)
Hair things
Art supplies
Diary books
Hanna Montana
Socks size 1 shoe
Pants size 7-8
Shirts size 7-8
Girl (will be 5 yrs.)
Littlest Pet Shop
Baby Dolls
Dress up clothes/shoes
Baby stroller for dolls
Socks size little kids 10 shoe
Pants size 5/6
Shirts size 5/6
For the Mom
DVD player
Gas gift card
food gift card
Hotwheels cars
Mermaid barbie
Barbie match game
girls 2 piece pajamas
seahorse glow toy for the 2 month old baby
9 y.o. boy: football
7 y.o. boy: kickball
2 month boy: crocodile baby toy
6 y.o. girl: long sleeve fleece shirt
5 y.o. girl: long sleeve fleece shirt


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