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Be a Hero!

Our president has challenged the Kalamazoo Jaycees to Be a Hero. So what does that mean? I had the opportunity to listen to DC Comic authors and artists discuss what it meant to be a hero. They explained that Superman can run into a burning building and save people, but is that really heroic for Superman? There’s no danger or risk to the Man of Steel. They said that they are continually faced with the challenge of challenging Superman, because that is when his actions are heroic.

So how does this translate to our world? We don’t have the advantage of alien parentage and don’t gain powers from a yellow sun. But we can accept challenges, take the hard road, or do something we might not normally do because the end result is a Good One.

We usually aren’t faced with the dilemma of a burning building. We won’t be confronted with the choice of running inside to save someone or adhering to self-preservation. Our burning buildings are going to have to be figurative, but they’re there just the same.  So whether it’s serving on a committee, volunteering your time, or agreeing to fill the vital spot of project chair, accept the challenge. Because the best thing about being a Jaycee? We don’t fight fires alone.

So before I throw any more metaphors or comic book characters or stories about my cats at you, I’ll wrap this up. We need you to be ready, to step up and to face the challenges of this year.

Be a Hero, Kalamazoo!


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Jamie Helsen says:

With great power comes great responsibility.