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D1QW Convention Recap

Last Friday, several members of the Kalamazoo Jaycees trundled up to Boyne Mountain for 2011’s First Quarter Convention. DQW’s team had been hard at work putting the Spring Assembly together and it was time to experience some Happily Ever After.

Kalamazoo got cozy in their condo and then got ready for opening ceremonies. There were plenty of opportunities that night to raise our glass and take a sip.

A certain Director at Large took on the mountain. The mountain won.

Saturday brought us out early, as we heckled sat appreciatively as President Jason Bocade delivered his speech for the Master Speak Up competition.

During trainings, some of us learned about mimosas and others learned how to do Ein Prosit.

At the end of the awards ceremony, most of us returned to the condo for a brief nap before getting ready for the night’s festivities. There were some ladies with fancy lady glasses and a material girl among us as President Jason Bocade entered the ballroom with his escort, Kevin Ploski.

With the conclusion of the official program, Kalamazoo returned to the condo for the start of its PAJAMA PARTY and to get ready for the Region G toast. We were happy to have NVP Kathy Crick with us – let’s just say, she’s a fast learner when it comes to lifting the glass and taking a sip.

DQW told us that there were some good signs pointing to a good year for Kalamazoo and that he was proud of us.

Guess what, Dave? The year ain’t over yet.

A lot more happened, but we can’t put all the good stuff here. If you don’t go to convention, you don’t get to know everything. Summer Assembly is in GRAND RAPIDS…you goin’?


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