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Get Your Passport!

Are you ready for all the great things the Kalamazoo Jaycees are going to do this year? Make sure you’re ready for the journey by getting your Passport to Leadership.

The Passport to Leadership program is divided into “degrees”. The further along the path you travel, the more knowledge and experience you gain.

Passport to Leadership is a great opportunity for new members who are looking for a guide on “how to get involved” with the Jaycees. But there’s more! It’s also a great opportunity for all members to make the most of their Jaycees experience.

On Monday, March 7th, 7pm at Main Street Pub on Gull Road, special guest Nina Perko will provide an Introduction to the Passport to Leadership program. But before then, here’s a sneak preview on what it takes to earn your first degree:

1. Attend 50 percent of the chapter’s membership meetings conducted while attaining 1st Degree (GMMs)

2. Participate in an individual development project (Ireland Presentation, Book Group, DnD 101, Intro to Passport to Leadership)

3. Attend an orientation of chapter, state and national structure and programs (New Member Orientation)

4. Meet with 1 established/active member outside of a planned Jaycees function

5. Work on a chapter project (Serve on a committee, volunteer at Festivals, chair a project)

Ready for your first degree? Want to know what comes next? Come on out to the Introduction to Passport to Leadership! For more information, contact Krista Ploski – id@kalamazoojaycees.org.

When/Where: Monday, March 7th, 7pm, Main Street Pub on Gull Road


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