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One of the main components of our State Conventions is training. Whether it’s tips on how to deal with stress or sessions geared to specific board positions, Saturday mornings are usually devoted to getting our learn on.

But the most important or enlightening lessons don’t come from the scheduled sessions.

These spontaneous lessons aren’t limited to learning how to play Flippy Cup or how much an alcohol tolerance has diminished or even recognizing the signs of sleep deprivation. Though those lessons might crop up over the weekend, there are other things to be learned.

Did you know that it’s possible to unlock a hotel bathroom door from the outside? When a bobby pin isn’t handy, the nail file from a Swiss Army Credit Card is the perfect tool. Warning: making use of this skill may earn you the label Freak of Nature.

And when we aren’t MacGyvering our way through unusual situations, we learn through the experiences of others. Their wisdom is passed on through cautionary tales and anecdotes: I should have just swallowed.

Physical endurance is put to the test as well – it is possible to run in heels, fat kids can run, and even clapping can become exhausting.

Charisma and oratory skills aren’t possessed by everyone. Some people just have the ability to take a microphone and deliver a speech that sets fire in our hearts, puts tears in our eyes and makes us wanna give an Amen. We know the thrill of the number 82 because it gave us 87.

Kazay Jays, this is just a sample, just a tease. Next time Convention rolls around, give it some thought. Convention is about coming together, sharing time with like-minded people, meeting new people, learning, ideas and absorbing as much as you can. But Convention isn’t just about learning. It’s also about teaching a room full of people that the Creed does end with the words: KALAMAZOO JAYCEES!


Article Comments

Roger says:

Sounds like it was an adventure! 🙂

Niki says:

Well said! That pretty much sums up this weekend.

Kevin says:

Yeah, that sounds like the weekend I remember. Good times and some great top 10 never to be used slogans for the Kalamazoo Jaycees. If anyone is thinking about coming out to Convention, I highly recommend it! My first convention is one I will never forgot…it’s where I learned about my long lost sister in the Jaycees, scientists and caribou, and what pride I have in the Kalamazoo Jaycees!