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Island Fest Wrap-Up


WOW!!!! I must first start out this email by saying one Extraordinarily Huge THANK YOU to all the Volunteers for Island Fest 2011! What an Incredible, and quite possibly record setting, Island Fest we had this Year and we SERIOUSLY couldn’t have handled the large thirsty crowds without any of you!!!

Just wanted to share a few Mind Blowing Stats from Island Fest with you!!

Words can NOT express how thankful I have been these past three days at the amount of Volunteers from Kazoo and all over the state who have helped out this year with Island Fest!!! I am so humbled, honored, and proud to know so many outstanding people that will volunteer their time to serve the community and help out an incredible Organization!!!

Myself, Dara, and the Kalamazoo Jaycees would love to see you all again at Taste of Kalamazoo (July 21-23)!!! It will be the same place and shift times as Island Fest and pretty much the same set up. Please let me know if you are able to join us again for Taste of Kalamazoo and we will send out another reminder email with the shift you signed up for.


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