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Things are going to change. Don’t get rattled by that word. I know it can be scary sometimes. But we’ll do our best to make this painless.

With the introduction of our Web Committee (WebCom), our current site has come under scrutiny. Leading the charge is resident web nerd Eric Schmidt. After two meetings, outlining goals and a lot of brainstorming, WebCom has a plan.

When the dust has settled, we’ll invite you all over to check out what we’ve done. A lot of “stuff” will happen behind the scenes, and chances are we’ll try some things and end up changing them again until we have the right fit.

The biggest change is that Eric won’t solely be responsible for all of our online content. With the workload shared, we’re aiming high. It is WebCom’s goal that our revamped site will become a “gold standard”, not only among our Jaycees peers, but to other non- and not-for-profit entities as well.

Another big change is the evolution of the chapter newsletter. WebCom has decided that the newsletter format isn’t meeting the needs of the chapter. We’re going to try some new things. We’d like to hear what you think about them, and we’ll modify things as necessary.

One of the greatest benefits to this change is the cost we will save the chapter. Printing and postage charges can add up, especially when tallied on a monthly (or bi-monthly) basis.

Additionally, this format will allow for greater flexibility. Without a concrete publication deadline, we can provide more frequent and more up-to-date information to the chapter on a variety of topics, without trying to plan a print newsletter weeks in advance.

In short, we’re looking for ways to revitalize two of our greatest communication tools, the web site and the newsletter, by taking the best of each and discarding the rest.

Questions? Comments? Don’t be afraid to contribute! We like to hear from you and we want to keep you coming back for more.


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