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Meet The Board

Congratulations to the newly elected 2011 Board of Directors:

Jason Bocade
–For next year, Jason wants to focus on activation. Individually, the Jaycees chapter is comprised of great people doing great things. And when we work together, we can achieve amazing results. Spandex is optional, but get ready to be a hero.

Membership VP
Heather Stewart
–Three words were Heather’s message: Recruitment, Retention, Recognition. Membership next year is about growth, activation and celebrating success. The Jaycees change lives – and not all of those affected are non-members.

Management VP
Blair Lorimer
–Who are the Jaycees, and why are they sending me press releases? That’s a question Blair hopes to avoid next year. Establishing a working relationship with local media will help expand the audience we reach and will hopefully encourage future coverage of events.

Individual Development VP
Krista Ploski
–Code Blue. Clear!

Kevin Ploski
–Keeping secretaries hot.

Roger Lamb
Chris Fucile
Kent Hultstrand

Want to know more about the leadership of 2011? The Blog will feature articles highlighting these individuals in the near future!


Article Comments

Dave Worthams says:

Don’t forget a pretty cool COB in the form of 78th President Niki Worthams! 😉

Heather Stewart says:

But of course! I was too worried about trying to remember what everyone said that I forgot our COB!

Niki says:

it’s probably because I forgot to wear my Vote for me for COB T-shirt!