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Project Wrap-Up: Geocaching

For those who missed the Geocaching project on May 22, it was a great – and really HOT – event. We had a total of 13 people attend – 11 Jaycees and two Junior Jaycees.

The project started in the Gull Road Meijer parking lot with a quick “Intro to Geocaching” – what geocaching is and how it works. After a brief discussion, we walked down the parking lot to find our first geocache, discovered by Junior Jaycee Ben.

From there, we broke up the larger group into smaller teams of 2-3 people. Each team got a pack of caches located in the Gull Road area, and I sent them off in different directions. The teams were Wo-Daddy, Emily & Lisa; new members Emma & Cullen; Heather M., Niki and Junior Jaycees Ben & Christina; and Brian, Chris & Jim.

As project chair, I spent my time travelling up and down Gull Road, making sure each team was finding everything OK. My first stop: I really wanted to see the kids get their first cache. I deliberately gave that team a specific cache in Riverside Cemetery, one that was larger and had lots of goodies inside. Sure enough, when they found it, they tore into like Christmas morning. Mission accomplished.

Aside from a slight map snafu – I printed the wrong map on a specific cache, causing a bit of confusion – everything went really well. The only real downside was the weather – it was unpredictably hot, and we wrapped up the project early to go get ice cream!

I think we could definitely run this project again. If you’d like to participate, just email me at eschmidt@kalamazoojaycees.org.

Project Chair: Eric Schmidt
Number of Attendees: 13


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