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Tea Party!

Several members of the Kalamazoo Jaycees assembled at Chocolatea on Westnedge this past Saturday to learn about tea and sample some common varieties.

President Niki Worthams gave a presentation on the history of tea (camellia senesis) and touched on its cultural significance. The Junior Jaycees present sipped hot cocoa (through straws) in their own mini tea party.

Three teas were sampled: Earl Grey, a special green tea blend and a caramel oolong. The general consensus was that the Earl Grey was the best (Picard wouldn’t steer us wrong, right?) and the caramel oolong was tasty. Though one voice among the crowd stated that it all tasted like “dirty water”. At least she tried something new!

Quarters were a little cramped, but fun was had by all and there was talk of having another tea party next year (if this is a project you’d be interested in running, contact Heather Stewart). Future tea parties could focus on other cultures, such as a tea party done in the English tradition.

Pinkies out, Jaycees!


Article Comments

Roger says:

Sounds like fun! Maybe I’ll be able to go and try it next time.

Also, I don’t want to get into a tea vs. coffee debate here, but I mean… Janeway. Coffee. Black. 😉

Stacy B. says:

It does sound like fun. Also, I LOVE the Star Trek (multi-series) references.