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The Start of Happily Ever After


It has now been approximately 56 hours since I was sworn in as the 87th President-elect of the Michigan Jaycees and yes, the permagrin is still there.  I wish I could call each one of my Kzoo Jaycee peeps and tell you this in person, but at the rate my phone has been blowing up I wouldn’t even get through the “A’s” before the end of the decade.

But I do want to say “Thank you” to the chapter that I have called home for almost 11 years now.  I remember when I first ran for this office in 2004 and despite the result of that election, you stood right by me and kept me standing upright and focused on the great things we did and will continue to do.  It is not an exaggeration to say that I love you guys!  You have made me proud to let the world know that the end of the Jaycee Creed does indeed end with the words, “Kalamazoo Jaycees!”

My thoughts also drift towards the last time I was in Midland with my Kzoo Peeps.  That night, Bob Peacock – our 81st MIJC President (and the guy I lost to in ’04) in his inaugural address said, “Dave, someday you’re going to be here again and you’re going to be sworn as the MIJC President.”  My reaction – “Yeah right!  Whatever Peacock!”

I used to hate it when Bob proved me wrong.  But I can’t help to think that he is smiling from up above knowing that he’s proved me wrong again.  I do miss my friend and look forward to making him proud.

Saturday night, I remarked that the number 87 is a very interesting number.  It is, in essence, four score and seven.  There was a guy from Illinois who liked top hats who once said at Gettysburg, “Four score and seven years ago our forefathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation … dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”  Four score and seven years ago, a guy from Jackson by the name of Martin P. Luthy brought forth upon the state of Michigan a new organization, dedicated to the proposition that young people deserve the opportunity to become leaders, to provide leadership, and to do great things in their communities.

Over that time, we have helped numerous people live “Happily Ever After.”  We’ve talked about it for the past 50 days and during that time, nothing has changed because we continue doing that Jaycee thing we do.  We’ve helped children and teachers have books and supplies for school, allowing them to learn and be successful in school.  We have helped families avoid going to bed hungry because we have support food drives and food pantries.  We have helped people survive cancer and other tragedies because we have given of our blood.  We’ve even helped people get jobs and start new businesses and open restaurants because we have given the skills they need to survive in this economy.

In 2011, we will continue to do these things and more.  And I want all of you to know that the other people who were elected with me will be standing right there beside you as we all carry our banner forth and as we empower those less fortunate to reach for the stars and live Happily Ever After.

We are leaders.

We are Jaycees.

We are doing this together because we are the future.

We are Jaycees … and I am so proud to be your 87th President.

God Bless you and all!  I’ll see you soon!

Wishing you a Happily Ever After, I am –
David Quinton Worthams
87th MIJC President-Elect
2010 MIJC Management Development Vice President
JCI Senator #69822


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