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Time to Weatherize


Winter is on its way and you may want to check on your emergency supplies now.

Candles or Oil Lamps will provide heat and light. They won’t provide much of either, but it’s better then none. You of course need a way to ingnite a candle so make sure you have matches or a lighter.

Always use caution when using Fire. Especially if you have an animal whose main purpose in life is destroying everything in its path. Giving them the power to wield fire may end badly.

Sweat suits and long underwear go a long way to help keep you warm if the heat is out. Keep spare blankets somewhere that has easy access.

Stock up on canned and dried food in the event you can’t get to the store.

You should keep a few emergency supplies in your car as well. A snow shovel, blanket, some food, Jumper Cables, and a Tow Chain. I like a flat snow shovel so I will be able to get to snow under the car. For food, I keep protein bars. This is some basic stuff I try to have on hand and not meant to cover all possible survival situations.

You can learn more about disaster survival on the internet. One good source is the American Red Cross. Check out their Winter Preparedness Guide here: http://www.redcross.org/www-files/Documents/pdf/Preparedness/WinterStorms.pdf

Be safe and stay warm!


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