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You Asked For It

As I’m organizing things and trying to get some ducks in a row, I am reminded once again that I have not kept my promise. To be fair, some people HAVE submitted articles for the blog. So I suppose I’m not really being derelict. But because apparently some people really want this, I’m going to make a few of you happy.

Here’s a story about my cats.

First, you have to meet them. My eldest cat is one of the luckiest cats I have ever met. I’m sure she only has a couple of her nine lives left. She survived a horrible infection at birth, survived a fall from a third story apartment, also survived a night alone outside, has had a mysterious illness that left her the most pathetic little kitty ever who couldn’t even take a drink from the water bowl, had the same mysterious illness a second time…anyway. She’s pretty lucky. Her full name is Empress Aiko Sanrio. I’m a name geek, so I’ll explain the name. She started out as Aiko. It’s Japanese for “beloved”. She bears a striking resemblance to the Hello Kitty character, Chococat and happens to share a name with the Japanese Emperor’s daughter. Hence, the additional honorary titles.

Aiko demands you love her. She does this by climbing into your lap and into your face. She has no concept of personal space. She, like me, has a love of fire. I once found her IN the fireplace, gazing blissfully at the flames. She tends to chirp or “murr” more than meow, which is a good thing. As pretty as she is, her meow is sort of not so pretty. Right now, she’s sitting on the floor next to the computer chair, waiting for me to acknowledge her presence so she can kitten-mitten poke me.

The middle cat is the largest cat. His name is Shark. All of my cats are adopted, so they had strange names initially. We liked “Shark” and the story behind it, so his never changed. He tends to circle a lot, kind of like a shark circling prey.

Don’t let the name or his fifteen pounds scare you. He’s a lover, not a fighter. Immune to the reality that he is a beast, Shark likes to be held. And hugged. In fact, one of his favorite things to do is wrap his paws around someone’s neck and rest his head on their shoulder.

Shark is infamous for the “kitty upnod” to acknowledge a greeting and he’s a guy, so headbutts equal affection. Shark does not like to share laps. And he only grudgingly snuggles the girls. His eyes are huge and yellow.

Pooka is the youngest and the jittery kitty. She’s named after a specific type of Celtic fairy. She has the tiniest, most pitiful cry which I get to hear whenever  she wants to be on the other side of a closed door. She gets startled very, very easily. A human shifting position on the couch is cause to FLEE IN TERROR.

One of her most endearing quirks is the pause, look over the shoulder beckon, continue to the food bowl maneuver. You are expected to (carefully) follow her to the food bowl and (carefully) pet her while she eats. This creates much purring, if done properly. Do not attempt to pet her outside of her accepted “petting zones”. These zones include: the area immediately next to the food bowl IF she is eating, the bedroom on the bed, on the radiator in the bathroom.

Now that you know them, I’m sure you all want to meet them. They would like to meet you too (at least two of them would) and look forward to the time you will spend petting them or playing with them.

Here is a picture of what happens to me if I ever try to take a nap on the couch.

Now that you’re acquainted with these furry friends, and I sound like a crazy cat lady, I hope you’re satisfied. I’ve followed through with my threat. Now turn in stuff for the blog.


Article Comments

Shaggy says:

I know the feeling of the napzone. Our 2 cats, Pookie and Patches love to be snuggle bunnies either at night when I am sleeping, or during the day when Karen is. Yes the do the meow thing too when they want to either go outside or get into a closed door. 230 am is my first wake up pouncing so they get some kitty treats to tide them over. 530 is the 2nd pouncing when they get told to wait until 6 when I get up so they get fed. Ours are also “Rescue Kitties” since karen found them in the garage and by the time I came home from work, she already had food, toys, and the much needed litter box. Patches is the more curious one but Pookie does the scatter time when new people are around. But they both bring much love and joy to Karen and myself.