Hangover Shrinky Dink Social

Hey. Guys. SHRINKY DINKS. Remember those?! How when we were kids we colored that shiny clear paper, cut it out, put it in the oven and it magically shrank?! Yes. They still exist. And they’re even better now cuz we’re grownups and can turn all of our bitchin’ creations can be way cooler. I’m talking nerdy, geeky, creepy, weird, funny, cartoony… any adjective you can think of. (Let’s keep it fairly family friendly, y’all.)

So come hangout with us at Kayla’s place to have some mellow shrinky dink fun! Bring the kids, let them play with each other so you don’t have to suffer your Year End Banquet hangover alone. We can all suffer together and hopefully make it better. We’ll have the paper, scissors, hole punch, some jewelry making supplies (earrings, necklaces, keychains, pins), and hot glue gun. There will be markers and colored pencils but feel free to bring more! Anything you have to contribute is welcome. We will have some designs available and there is a printer at Kayla’s to add any last minute ideas. Feel free to bring coloring pages (you can literally give ANYTHING with the words coloring pages and you will find it; try it, it’s fun, you won’t regret it) or anything really that can be traced. The nice thing with coloring pages is that you can make the designs smaller or bigger, as needed.

Wow. That was a lot. Still reading? Boss. BYOB, bring a snack to pass. What helps cure your hangover? Bring that, maybe. See you there! 

For location information please contact president@kalamazoojaycees.org