We are on the hunt to determine which restaurant has the best taco in Kalamazoo. This noble quest began with our MVP’s facebook page where she took an open poll and narrowed the list down to the the top six restaurants:

El Gallo
Los Brothers
Taco Bob’s
Mi Pueblo

So how does this work? Starting Sunday, May 21st, we challenge you to eat at one of these restaurants each day, ending at 6:30pm, Friday May 26th at Mi Pueblo for their all you can eat taco bar. There you will also find a group of the Kalamazoo Jaycees ready to discuss, debate and deliberate the finer points of Kalamatacos*.

Maybe you are brave and will try to cram all of these tacos in one day. Maybe you will try for two days. We aren’t here to tell you when and how to eat tacos! We only ask that you have at least tried each restaurant before voting because informed voters are the best kind of voters.

Speaking of voting, a survey will be posted on Thursday, May 25th when the voting will be open for 24 hours.

Ready, set, taco!


*If we are being super honest here, our Membership team will be at this event. We not only love tacos, but we love this town and trying to make it better. Come visit us if you are into that sort of thing. Bring your friends. Bring your mom. Bring anyone you can think of that might be interested in making this town a little better, one taco at a a time.