Passport to Civic Leadership

Passport to Civic Leadership Program


How to Guide

Passport to Civic Leadership is a membership activation tool, designed for members
wanting to achieve maximum value from their Jaycee membership. Many of the skills
obtained through participating in the Passport to Civic Leadership program, such as
public speaking, business writing or project management, will benefit members

Your chapter president will sign off as you complete each bullet point and report your
progress to the National Passport to Civic Leadership Program Manager. The bullet
points can be completed in any order. However you will remain at the lowest degree until
each bullet point is completed under that degree.
All questions about the program should be directed to the Passport to Civic Leadership
Program Manager at

1st Degree
• Attend 50 percent of the chapter’s meetings while attaining 1st
o Chapter meetings for this requirement are defined as the routine, regularly
scheduled meetings of the chapter.
• Attend a new member orientation.
o This can be a live, in-person orientation or a webinar new member
• Participate in a Jaycee Project.
• Attend a chapter event.
o Regular routine chapter meetings do not count toward this requirement.
• Meet with your Chapter President and recite the Jaycee Mission and Vision
Statement and/or Creed.

2nd Degree
• Attend 50 percent of the chapter’s meetings while attaining 2nd degree.
• Learn about National & JCI trainings, programs, and initiatives such as TOYA,
PMGs, the professional skills competitions, etc. Share what you learned with
your Chapter President and/or chapter.
• Be an active committee member on a chapter project.
• Register on the National web site and explore the various tools available to you
• Invite a friend of Jaycee age to a chapter meeting or function, if that friend is
unable to attend you can provide their contact information to the Chapter
President for follow up.

3rd Degree
• Attend 50 percent of the chapter’s meetings while attaining 3rd degree.
• Chair or co-chair a chapter project.
• Look around your community for like minded young people who may be
interested in the Junior Chamber and provide a list of no less than 10 names with
contact information to your Chapter President.
• Understand the Active Citizen Framework. Accompany a chapter member to a
meeting with a community leader to identify community needs.
• Enter a competition of your choice at either the District, Regional, State and/or
National level.
o Competitions are Write Up, Speak Up, Master Speak Up, Jaycee Jeopardy,
Debate, and Resume competitions – Armbruster, Brownfield and

4th Degree
• Attend 50 percent of the chapter’s meetings while attaining 4th degree.
• Chair a project and complete & submit the PMG to your local Chapter President.
• Attend a chapter training program.
• Conduct a new member orientation, for a group or one-on-one.
• Engage a new member by explaining the Passport to Civic Leadership program
and helping them earn their 1st

5th Degree
• Attend JCI Impact, Healthy Chapter Initiative Training, or Active Citizenship
Training either in person or via webinar.
• Lead a training.
o This can be accomplished at a chapter meeting or to a subset of chapter
members at a different time.
• Participate in a Jaycee project.
• Visit an activity of another chapter.
• Attend a state/regional meeting (any state meeting or training qualifies.)

6th Degree
• Attend 50 percent of the chapter’s meetings while attaining 6th degree.
• Serve on your chapter’s board of directors.
• Plan a joint meeting/event with a neighboring chapter.
• Hold a conversation with a National Officer of your choice.
o This can be accomplished over the telephone, Skype or in person. It must
be a live conversation and not an email or electronic conversation.
• Attend a city council meeting or a chamber of commerce meeting. Report your
findings back to your chapter.

7th Degree
• Lead a new member orientation.
• Help a member become more involved in the chapter.
• Chair a committee that follows the Active Citizen Framework to meet with
community leaders, identify a community need and identify a solution your
chapter will undertake. Write and submit the PMG to your chapter
• Attend a National meeting.
o Any national meeting qualifies, including the annual meeting, Government
Affairs Leadership Seminar, State Presidents Retreat or Leadership
• Conduct a media interview that positively reflects the Jaycees or meet with a local
elected official regarding the Junior Chamber movement.

8th Degree
• Create a fundraising project for your chapter or recruit a sponsor.
• Participate in a JCI training.
• Implement the solution identified in Degree #7.
• Attend a US Jaycee webinar.
• Submit an article for publication in a chapter, region, district or state publication.

9th Degree
• Assist a new committee chairperson in writing a PMG.
• Serve in a State role such as Program Manager/Regional Director/etc.
• Recruit one new member. Make sure he/she completes a member survey and is
enrolled into the Passport program.
• Serve as a judge for a chapter or state competition.
• Evaluate your Active Citizen Framework solution from Degree #8. Share your
evaluation at a chapter meeting.

10th Degree
• Lead a State training.
• Give a presentation to your chapter on the Passport to Civic Leadership Program.
• Conduct an evaluation of your chapter’s plan of action.
• Attend an upcoming USJC annual meeting or GALS or State meeting where you
will be recognized as a 10th Degree Jaycee!