Member Testimonials

Learn about the JCI Kalamazoo experience, from current and past members in their own words:

David Quinton Worthams

2011 Michigan Jaycees President, 2001 Kalamazoo Jaycees President

“During my years at WMU, I had the opportunity to start a chapter of an international service fraternity on campus. The cardinal principles that we shared were “LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP, and SERVICE.” After I graduated I wondered where I would find those three things in the “real world.”

“Imagine my surprise when I found them at my very first meeting of the Kalamazoo Jaycees. I joined right on the spot!

“During my time in the Jaycees, I have had the chance to celebrate “LEADERSHIP”, helping our chapter grow in size, run more projects that improve our community, and prepare our members for advancement in their personal and professional lives.

“I have had the chance to celebrate “FRIENDSHIP” through the various social projects we hold and through meeting people of all backgrounds throughout my travels in Michigan during my time as a state Jaycee officer.

I have had the chance to celebrate “SERVICE” by impacting the lives of others – especially the children of Kalamazoo.

“LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP, SERVICE” – that is what has made my time in the Kalamazoo Jaycees worth every moment!”

Anna Versalle

2015 JCI Kalamazoo President

“I came to JCI Kalamazoo looking for networking opportunities and to find ways to make a difference in my community. JCI Kalamazoo has provided me more opportunities than I ever realized would be available. I have gained valuable experience for my resume – which helped me get a new job! I have traveled all over Michigan, the U.S. and internatioanlly – making connections, seeing new places, attending training’s, and having fun! This organization has changed my life for good and I am so proud to be a Kalamazoo Jaycee!”

Montana Roberts

General Member

“Jaycee membership is such a great gift to give yourself! I just joined less than one month ago and have already taken part in a social and a volunteer event. I have had at least 3 other opportunities to mingle and share ideas with these wonderful people. I instantly felt welcomed and accepted. I joined the Jaycees because I moved to Kalamazoo a year and a half ago and would like to meet more people in the area, have more community involvement, and gain networking connections. My favorite part is I can participate in as many or few events as I would like. The benefits are endless!”

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